Biomass Suppliers List

From Spring 2015 all biomass fuel used by household, busineses and other organisations claiming RHI must meet a life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emission target of 60 per cent Green House Gas savings against the EU fossil fuel average, and land criteria, which for wood-fuel are set out in the UK Timber Standard for Heat and Electricity.

How does BSL relate to quality of fuel?

The BSL is not a fuel quality scheme.


What is the BSL list?

The Biomass Suppliers List is a method which will be used to provide RHI participants with a simple way to demonstrate that their fuel complies with RHI fuel sustainability standards, it is not a quality audit.  Biomass Fuel Supplies Limited have registered their fuels on the list and submitted data for audit by the BSL Administrator.  Suppliers who successfully register fuels on the RHI Biomass Suppliers List will be permitted to label their compliant products with the BSL mark to illustrate that this fuel complies with RHI sustainability criteria. 

Biomass Fuel Supplies Limited  BLS approved fuels:-

Pellets - Woodsure plus

Briquettes - Woodsure plus


How will I know I am buying the right fuel for my boiler?

Your should speak to your manufacturer/installer if you are unsure what type of fuel to use in your boiler.

 You an contact the BSL Administrator via telephone or email:

Phone: 020 7090 7769